Qaba - A Full-sleeved Garment For Outer Wear, Worn By Men, Closely Related To Thejama . William Thevenot Who Saw This Garment Frequently At The Moghul Court Spoke Of The "caba Of The Indians" Being "wider Than That Of The Persians, And 1 Cannot Tell How To Express The Manner Of It More Intelligibly, Than By Saying It Is A Kind Of Gown With A Long Jerkin Fastened To It

Qamis - A Shirt. Cf. French, Chemise.

Quench - A Cooling Zone In Which The Temperature Of Melt-spun Filaments Is Lowered Very Rapidly And/or At A Controlled Rate Soon After Extrusion. The Two Main Types Are Water-quench And Air-quench.

Quilted - Two Or More Layers Of Fabric Which Have Been Stitched Through, Often With Batting . The Stitching Forms A Pattern, Most Commonly A Square Or Diamond Shape. Used For Apparel, Bedspreads, Sleeping Bags. Thermoplastic Fibers Such As Polyester Or Nylon Are Sometimes Quilted Without Thread By Using A Heat Bonding Method . The Heat Effectively Melts Or Welds The Fabric At The Point Of Application.

Quilting - A fabric construction in which a layer of down or fiberfill is placed between two layers of fabric, and then held in place by stitching or sealing in a regular, consistent, all-over pattern on the goods.

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