Yarn - A continuous strand of textile fibers created when a cluster of individual fibers are twisted together. These long yarns are used to create fabrics, either by knitting or weaving.

Yarn Dyed - Fabrics Which Have Had The Yarns Colored Before The Fabric Is Woven. Used To Produce Stripes Plaids Or Tapestries.

Yarn Dyed And Overdyed - A Fabric Which Has Been First Yarn Dyed, Then Piece Dyed In A Lighter Shade That Allows The Yarn Dye Pattern To Show Through.

Yarn Linear Density - The Coarseness Or Fineness Of Yarn Or Other Linear Textile Material.

Yarn Setting - The Process Of Conferring Stability Of Form Upon Yarns Usually By Means Of Successive Heating And Cooling In Moist Or Dry Conditions.

Yarn, Cable - Two Or More Folded Yarns Twisted Together In One Or More Operations.

Yarn, Combination - A Yarn In Which There Are Dissimilar Component Yams Especially When These Are Of Fiber And Filaments. (1) Descriptive Of Full Drawn Continuous-filament Yarns Substantially Without Twist And Untextured (see Also Twistless Yarn.) (2) A Synonym For Straw (see Yarn, Straw)

Yarn, Single - A Thread Produced By One Unit Of A Spinning Machine Or Of A Silk Reel.

Yarn, Spun - Commonly Used To Describe A Yarn That Consists Of Staple Fibers Held Together (usually) By Twist.

Yarn, Straw - Extruded Monofilament Yarns That Have The Cross-section And Appearance Of Natural Straw.

Yarn, Zero-twist - (1) A Continuous-filament Single Yarn In Which There Is No Twist, (2) A Multi-fold Yarn In Which There Is No Folding Twist. Note 1: Some Fibrous Yarns Are Described As Twistless, Since The Fibers May Be Held Together By Adhesive Temporarily E.g., Until Incorporated In Fabrics. Varieties Of Core-spun Yarn And Scaffolding Yarn Have Appeared With This Description After Solvent-removal Of One Component. Note 2.. Zero-twist Continuous-filament Yams Usually Become Twisted By Over-end Withdrawal E.g., From A Pirn In A Loom Shuttle

Yarn / Folded, Doubled, Plied - A Yarn In Which Two Or More Single Yarns Are Twisted Together In One Operation, E.g., Two-fold Yarn, Three-fold Yarn, Etc. Note: In Some Sections Of The Textile Industry, E.g., The Marketing Of Hand-knitting Yams, These Yarns Are Referred To As Two-ply, Three-ply, Etc.

Yarns, Fancy - A Yarn That Differs From The Normal Construction Of Single And Folded Yarns By Way Of Deliberately Produced Irregularities In Its Construction. These Irregularities Relate To An Increased Input Of One Or More Of Its Components Or To The Inclusion Of Periodic Effects Such As Knots, Loops, Curls, Slubs Or The Like.

Yellowing - The Yellow Discoloration That May Develop On Textile Materials During Processing, Use, Or Storage.

Yjshtinuam - Boat Shaped Cap (topi), Worn Close To The Head. Kulah

Yoke (self) - The entire back of a garment is one piece and has a single yoke superimposed on the outside.

Yoke (Two-pierce) - Two identical pieces of fabric are joined to a shortened back piece to produce the total back.

Yokeless Shirt - The front and backs of a shirt are joined without a yoke facing.

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