Zardozi Work - Work In Which Gold Or Silver Metal Threads Are Sewn On A Fabric Like Satin Or Velvet With Metallic Threads To Give The Appearance Of True Embroidery.

Zari - Metallic Thread Twisted Over Cotton Or Silk For Brocading. Also Referred To, In Popular Parlance, Asjad

Zero-twist Yarn - (1) A Continuous-filament Single Yarn In Which There Is No Twist, (2) A Multi-fold Yarn In Which There Is No Folding Twist. Note 1: Some Fibrous Yarns Are Described As Twistless, Since The Fibers May Be Held Together By Adhesive Temporarily E.g., Until Incorporated In Fabrics. Varieties Of Core-spun Yarn And Scaffolding Yarn Have Appeared With This Description After Solvent-removal Of One Component. Note 2.. Zero-twist Continuous-filament Yams Usually Become Twisted By Over-end Withdrawal E.g., From A Pirn In A Loom Shuttle

Zipper - The physical parts of the zipper are: scoop teeth, chain, lock, pull tape, and slider. Zippers used in industrial clothing are metal or brass. Plastic zippers are used typical apparel garments. Zippers are used as a closure in pants, skirts, and dresses.

Zirah - A Kind Of Coat Of Mail.

Z-twist - Twist Direction

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